Oakley sunglasses brand new listing

The new Oakley sunglasses series is filled with fashion, simple and sexy atmosphere. Adding ore and thin metal as a design material of the brand logo, to create a delicate and elegant style. Sunglasses series is integrated into the soft colors, simple lines, high-grade luxury materials, creating a long time often new models, the perfect interpretation of the brand unique style this season.

Men Series
This section of fashionable men’s sunglasses with a variety of materials to match the rough outline of the half-frame shape, stylish and highly personalized; frame edge decorated with decorative metal details, filling the brand’s meticulous to the details. Series with bright black, matte black and bright tortoiseshell color.

This section of glasses with a square frame, with a double nose bridge design and smooth metal mirror legs, to create a simple neat sense of fashion. Metal details cleverly to the inside of the frame and mirror legs together, mirror legs also decorated with brand logo, low-key yet personality. Series with black, gray, tortoiseshell color and electro-optic blue.

Women Series
This section of glasses with a unique half-frame design with a circular metal frame lenses, to create a distinctive eye-catching shape. Elegant classic colors of the main colors, and low-key metal frame on both sides of the fuselage nest in stark contrast, eye-catching. The series is available in black, ivory and tortoiseshell colors.

This section of glasses with a unique square frame with a unique color design, and its simple lines reflect the classic yet stylish design elements, unique personality. Series with black, brown, yellow, light blue, mint green and rose.

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